What are probiotics?

Probiotics are safe and good bacteria creating a health promoting effect on humans, animals and the environment.

Don’t the harmful germs become resistant to probiotics?

No, the microorganisms cannot become resistant to other microorganisms, only to chemicals that threaten them. There are no biocide chemicals in the probiotic cleaning, so no resistance.

Are the probiotics safe?

Definitely! The probiotics used by Chrisal are internationally approved for use in food. Moreover, Chrisal performs some additional tests to be absolutely sure.

Read: Product Safety Statement

Why don’t we stop with cleaning to maintain the natural microflora?
There are places where people and animals live together or are simply dirty, which creates an additional burden on microbial space. In these places, it must be cleaned in order to keep the situation livable. Therefore, better probiotic cleaning than chemical.
Is it a lot of work to apply probiotic cleaning?

Not more than with regular cleaning. You use the products just like the other products, with a minimum of twice a week for optimal effect.

What is PIP – Probiotics In Progress?

The PIP products represent a new generation of cleaning products, containing good bacteria to replace ‘bad bugs’ (such as Salmonella, E. coli, Staphylococcus, Clostridium…).

How does PIP work?

By applying good bacteria a competition with bad bacteria for space, food and fluid occurs on the treated surfaces (floors, walls, cages, animals …). Since the PIP bacteria are very active, they still win this competition and thus a healthy and stable microflora arises.

Are PIP Healthcare products disinfectants?

No, PIP products have no direct biocidal effect on other bacteria. As such, they will not lead to the build-up of resistance among pathogenic micro-organisms.

Where is PIP applicable?

Chrisal’s probiotic products are applicable anyplace where hygiene is important!

  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities – nursing homes, medical clinics, etc.
  • Residential and commercial buildings
  • Schools and institutions
  • Sports and recreational facilities
  • Offices and workplaces
  • Farms and animal housing – horses, cows, pigs, chickens, dairy
  • Water systems
  • Private homes
Do I keep disinfecting when using PIP Healthcare?

No, the best results with PIP products are obtained when no disinfection is done anymore. When certain conditions should require disinfection, we advise a PIP treatment immediately after the disinfection in order to stabilize the environmental microbiota.

Are PIP Healthcare products safe to humans, is protective clothing recommended?

Due to their biological nature, all PIP products are perfectly safe, environment friendly and harmless. No protective clothing is required and contact with bare skin will have no negative effect. Additional information on the safety aspects of our products can be found in the downloadable MSDS files of each product.

What happens when I interrupt the application of PIP Healthcare?

The probiotic bacteria in the PIP products colonise the environment and create a stable and healthy microbiota. They maintain their activity for a couple of days, but a frequent addition of ‘fresh’ PIP bacteria is required to maintain optimal results. We do not recommend an interruption any longer than 3 days.

What are the consequences of an overdose?

An over-concentrated use of PIP products will lead to a higher number of good PIP bacteria on the treated surface. This will in turn only result in more pronounced beneficial and longer lasting effects.

What are the optimal storage conditions for the PIP Healthcare products?

Given the presence of probiotic bacteria in the products, storage between 5-40°C is recommended. Direct sunlight is to be avoided.