• Properties
    • Is also a powerful degreaser.
    • Neutralizes odours such as mercaptans, phenols, organic compounds, carbon compounds etc.
    • Is extraordinarily efficient.
  • Description

    Super CMF 240 is a product with exceptional deodorising properties. It can be used in the chemical industry to neutralize odours.

    Suitable for use as a cleaning agent for surfaces and instruments in the food sector under HACCP principles, as far as the application instructions are fully respected. Dilute as indicated and rinse away with plenty of water until a neutral pH is obtained.

    Suggested Areas of Application:
    Restaurant kitchen floors; Restaurant kitchen greasy areas; Engine grease, Greasy pipes; Dirty or greasy machinery; Tough carpet spots; Surface mold removal; Stains on clothing including blood.

Directions of use

Use undiluted product.

  • For removing excess odorant (with absorbent material).
  • Spray undiluted product on the material to be treated.
  • Allow contact time.
  • Remove manually or mechanically.
  • As required, rinse with water.
  • Wipe dry as required.


Dilution 3% = 30 ml of product per litre of water.

  • Dilute the product with water.
  • Evenly spray the surface to be cleaned (from bottom to top).
  • Allow contact time, but do not let it dry.
  • Remove dirt manually or mechanically (with a good water-absorbing cloth).
  • As required, rinse with water and dry.



Store products above 5°C.