• Properties
    • Controls odour problems.
    • Keeps pipes free of blockages.
    • Reduces the risk of unpleasant odours.
    • Promotes microbial activity in the grease traps.
    • Increases efficiency, as grease traps can be emptied less frequently.
  • Description

    BAC Grease Trap is a highly concentrated blend of stabilized bacterial spores for
    use in grease traps.

  • Add the recommended dose of BAC Grease Trap Cleaner directly into the grease traps daily.
  • If administering it through the drains, it is advisable to dissolve the daily dose in a bucket of lukewarm
    water for each drain. This is to achieve a better distribution.
  • In cases where the grease traps are working normally, and if the flow through the drain is adequate,
    administering may be reduced to 2x/week.
  • It is advisable to apply the BAC Grease Trap Cleaner at the end of the working day.
  • The recommended dosage varies from 30 ml to 250 ml per grease trap. (Depending on size, degree of soiling and type of fat.)
  • For specific advice, please contact a sales representative

Store the products between 5°C and 45°C, out of direct sunlight.